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Do you need appointments for your sales team?

If your team lacks the bandwidth, resources, or energy, let our inside sales reps schedule meetings for your sales team. Our platform allows each of our sales reps to make a 1000+ calls per day. That means more conversations, more meetings, and more revenue for your sales team.

Sales Development As A Service

We charge by the dial. We believe 

traditional appointment setting pricing is out dated. Our model allows you to be in control of the list and the

message, and we will work with you to help improve both. you are directly involved in helping optimize your ROI.


Our secret weapon is that we use MonsterConnect Software - this allows us to make 10x the dials traditional inside sales reps can make. Which means10x the conversations, allowing our inside sales reps to focus on what really matters to you, conversations with decision makers.


We provide unmatched visibility. Because we are using MonsterConnect's Advanced sales acceleration software all of the conversations are tracked, calls marked, and history reported on each call.

"With MonsterConnect I can increase conversations with out having to increase head count."

Just want to go faster? Not Interested In Appointments, learn about our team dialing platform

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